Avoid complications, thrive with Diabetes and Normalize Blood Glucose
Your crashed course for Low Carb and Diabetes- balance your Blood Glucose to non-Diabetic levels.

balance matters

How will you know the program is for you?

A proven way for optimal balance -Low Carbohydrate diet in a way and pace that suits you.


You have type 1 diabetes, insulin dependent or you simply wish to balance your Blood Sugar


You got the drive to control Diabetes and not to compromise on “high BG to avoid Hyopglycemia”

From scracth

No previous knowledge needed, for any equipment: injections, pump, loop, glucometer or CGM

Start controlling Blood Glucose now

Program with Videos

*one time payment
Without Support


Program with Videos

*one time payment
With Support


They already got Balanced:

"I've had diabetes for 20 years. Most of my life I fought balance. I've been without carbohydrates for a year, more balanced, thinner and happier. I owe it to Tomer!!"
Mike Sterm
"I learnt little things that turned into a big change in a1c. In 3 months I went from 7.2 to 5.8. I was just shocked! Thank you so much I have no words!🙏"
Yuli Glazer
"Thank you very much! I finished the workshop ☺️ it was excellent, especially the basal experiments that I was not aware of.. and the recipes :)"
Dana Pink
"Hi Tomer, I wanted to tell you that I started the course, it's really interesting and I really liked that the videos are short and not loaded with information. Thank you very much!"
Valery Zacharov

join hundreds of Type 1 Diabetics

who have already Balanced their blood glucose to non-Diabetic levels

Nice to meet, I’m Tomer Pappe

I am Type 1 Diabetic since the age of 11. Today I know
that Diabetes can be controlled and that anyone can
get more balanced than non-diabetics.


 A1C and Blood Glucose of non-diabetics
 A lecturer for the massage “Balance to any Diabetic”


After experimenting with many different nutritional approaches
And after I arrived at the ER unit with life-threatening Ketoacidosis while ignoring my Blood Glucose levels – I changed my life from end to end.

A low carb diet has brought me to be more balanced than people without Diabetes. Today, after quite a few years of gaining experience in balancing my Blood Glucose and that of others, I believe that anyone can do it. This is the message I want to convey. I don’t just say what I think you should do, I live by it myself and take full responsibility over my health.

Common Questions

The program lasts 3 weeks (lessons), each week we will deepen our tools in balancing BG.
All videos in the program pre-recorded and available to you anytime in the future.
Each week is divided into: basics, recipe and a workout- All you need to succeed.
You got the option to add WhatsApp consultation for 3 weeks as well. (see details below)
As soon as you signed in and paid successfully- The program will open for you immediately.
Username and password will be sent in a separate Email and you can start balancing!

Excellent question. Unlike programs that talk about goals that are based on pre-written formulas, I come from the field. After I completely balanced my Diabetes and figured out the right way to balance my BG, I found that the same principles are true for anyone dealing with Diabetes. I decided to turn the knowledge I gained into a practical practice and enrolled in Nutrition Science studies at the Hebrew University so that I could spread the message to as many people as possible. I truly believe that Diabetes is a solvable condition for everyone. Taking control of the disease and preventing future complications are within touching distance of every Diabetic, whether Type 1, Type 2 or Lada. All we have to do is get the right knowledge both scientifically and on a practical level.

As soon as we wean ourselves off the need for carbohydrates (weaning which we will go through together) we discover that very few carbohydrates actually satisfy us, regardless to the amounts we were taught to consume and that there is a substitute for everything. In terms of diversity, only the imagination is the limit when we use only natural raw materials and mainly animal products. Carbohydrates are almost the exclusive factor that harms our efforts to balance our BG and Diabetes could equally well be called “Carbohydrate intolerance”. When we get rid of the need for carbohydrates, the disease is solved.

Not exactly and to tell you the truth the opposite is true. The hypoglycemia events have decreased significantly to close to 0 events, since I changed my diet and since my Blood Glucose has remained stable without fluctuations throughout the hours of the day. When BG is truley balanced, we avoid Diabetes complications, but what’s more, we feel healthiest and clear minded throughout the day. I have lived with Diabetes for decades. Since I changed my diet several years ago, the Hypoglycemias have disappeared, what brought a lot of serenity to my family members. Actually when I lived according to the “accepted guidelines” and when my Blood Glucose was moving up and down between 300 mg/dl and 50 mg/dl, I experienced extremely severe Hypoglycemia events, which brought me close to death more than once. I think you can understand which approach was more dangerous for me.

Yes. It is important to note that keeping Diabetics at high values only because of the fear of Hypoglycemia lead to the fact that Diabetics around the world live with severe Diabetes complications caused by too high Blood Glucose for long period of time. BG that is considered too dangerous for a person who does not have Diabetes will necessarily be too dangerous for a person who has Diabetes. We are subject to the same biological principles, diabetics and non-diabetics. There are enough famous groups and communities of diabetics around the world that live by these BG values, the same values that I present on my website and by which I live (totally normal BG values in which you feel the sharpest and most focused, as opposed to situations in which the Blood Glucose climbs above 120 mg/dl, the same moments in which you begin to feel thirsty and exhausted, from experience). Let’s not forget that living with Diabetes complications caused by too high Blood Glucose over time is not an easy life and today we see more and more people in the population (including those with pre-Diabetes) who live with some variation of Diabetes Complications even the slightest.

Over my many years with Diabetes, technologies have come and gone but no one technology has balanced my Blood Glucose by its own, as the way that a basic lifestyle change has balanced my Blood Glucose. Far more, optimal control of Blood Glucose levels comes only from Diet changes. The best technology in the world will not be able to balance the rapid spike in Blood Glucose that occurs after eating fast and processed carbohydrates. One thing is certain, both I and people who have been living with Diabetes for a good few decades, managed to balance their Blood Glucose to more balanced levels than non-diabetics, solely with the help of a blood glucometer that measures Glucose from blood drop from the finger and with the help of syringes that have been around for almost 100 years. Everything starts and ends with the food that goes into our mouths and there is no technology that will do that for us, at least not in the foreseeable future. That’s the way it always was and probably that’s how it will always be. Any diabetic will testify, it is not the injections that disturb us but it’s the feeling of lack of control. Technology won’t help with that. There is a way that works without technologies and without pills, only through changing our lifestyle.oggle Content


1st Week – Infrastructure and Basics: In the first week we will go over all the knowledge needed to balance diabetes, I will give you practical tools that serve me and all my clients to this day, tools that are not taught anywhere. I know you’ve already heard it all, it’s a targeted program delivered by a type 1 diabetic who lives this way himself.

2nd Week – Depth and precision: In the second week we will take everything we have learned and see how to apply it in practice, practically in everyday life easily and simply.

3rd Week – Looking to the future: In the last week of the program, we will refine the look ahead to make sure that indeed all the tools are integrated in the best way so that they will accompany you to a life in which the sugar is always balanced


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